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Based on the principles of freedom of association the Association of Employers BPK Gorazde protects the interests of its members by working to create a more favorable economic environment and promoting the rights and freedoms of its members.

The goal of the association is to, through a tripartite and bipartite dialogue or otherwise, with the Government of the Canton and the trade unions actively participate in creation of legislation in order to create conditions for the improvement and development of the business environment in Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Gorazde.

The EA BPK Gorazde was established at the cantonal level and is the only legitimate representative of the employers in relation to the Government of BPK and the trade unions. The Employers'Association is one of the social partners in the tripartite relationship in the territory of BPK Gorazde. By signing the agreement on establishing of the Economic- Social Council of BPK Gorazde in 2006 the Employers Association of BPK Gorazde, the Government of BPK and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions BPK Gorazde, become equal partners which, by consensus, make decisions and work on the adoption of new or amendments to existing laws in the field of economic and social policy.

The ultimate goal, from the perspective of the Employers Association of BPK Gorazde, is to strengthen its members but also the entire private sector for competition that awaits them by joining BiH in the European Union.


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