Udruenje poslodavaca BPK Gorade

Law on sales tax, real estate and the rights of BPK Gorade (the tax rate)
8  44.4%
The law on court fees of BPK Gorade (fees for the registration information, is included in the bankruptcy proceedings, court verifications, etc.).
4  22.2%
The Law on communal taxes of BPK Gorade (tax on the labelled company)
2  11.1%
Law on Forests of BPK Gorade (beneficial functions of forests)
2  11.1%
Law on Administrative Fees of BPK Gorade (fees in the field of economy, traffic, certification and transcripts, the field od physical planning and others.)
1  5.6%
Law on property tax, inheritance and gift of BPK Gorade (persons liable to payment of this tax type and its amount)
1  5.6%

Number of Voters  :  18
First Vote  :  Tuesday, 01 December 2015 08:31
Last Vote  :  Tuesday, 22 August 2017 17:29

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